Tuesday, August 29, 2017


She stood against the ocean facing the waves,
thinking about how crazy, scary, however, calm the ocean is.
she smiled and closed her eyes towards the wind that was trying to kiss her cheeks.
Life taught her that letting her body loose is the top of feelings.
She remembered him,
she smelled his perfume around, the smell of his blood!
she tasted his blood, when he was injured while trying to protect himself from her love.
But her love was so peaceful, until he tries to minimize it..
She have never been a full artist, a full writer, a full bitch, a full sweet and sour girl.
She suffers from:The half-feelings\things-syndrome.
She can only have a half of him even though he seems so simple!
She came to the end of the cliff,
She threw herself but she wakes up again in his bedroom, realizing that even the half of him is brining her back home.
Realizing that even the half of him can draw a circle of life with no end.

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٢٠٢٠ العام السائل

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