Wednesday, October 19, 2016


they told me introduce yourself, what do you like, who are you?

but in fact i don’t know who am i because i truly understand’s like when you’re focusing on something till you go dizzy, people think you are in a complete focus but actually you are not are  in another place.

A place where everything changed years ago, when i thought i knew about myself but i was wrong.
when my soul was trapped in another body instead of mine, and i’m no longer capable to know myself, so pain came on the road to show me how strong, flexible, and creative i am.
i’m liberal and conservative, i’m in love with music and i’m good at Quran,  i'm trivial  and deep as hell, i’m fajr “it means dawn” but i still can shine, i  believe in religion and i believe in the right to fitch the truth. now i know that i have “2” in me, in one soul, and in my “own” body.

Now i know who am i, i’m everything and it’s opposite. 

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٢٠٢٠ العام السائل

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