Wednesday, February 28, 2018


We are worried all the time about surviving this life.
I'm not sure if our lives were created or have been constructed, but I'm sure that we can live together.
We can live together without discrimination, but then we will face a problem: "How will we convince people to vote for a specific single political party?" Or "How will we continue urbanization?"
We can live together without racism, but then how will we make people worried all the time about immigration, borders, health insurances, and new passports?
We can also live together without sexism, but then how can we advertise our products, especially burgers, without a naked lady on the logo?
I can be positive more than that and take for example the Mass Media as an institution that can help us to live together, but then we will have to give up on beauty standards, on plastic surgeries, and on jobs dominant by men.
If we detach those concepts, maybe then we can live together, but what if those concepts have become the shape of our lives already? Can we then detach our lives to live together?

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