Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Symphony.

You fix hearts and you end up broken.
You stay late and you regret it in the morning.
You dream big and you end up small.
You touch the sky but you are never tall.
You sing the song of life and then repeat the death poem.
You smile at the stranger and be silly at home.
You are not into politics but the news always bother you.
You can't run from politics, because politics is you.
You are looking for escape to close the doubt door.
You think you closed the door but actually you opened another door.
You begin to hate doors, but they haunt you.
You overthink the doors, so you stay up late, 
And you regret it in the morning. 

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٢٠٢٠ العام السائل

٢٠٢٠ العام السائل الحياة هو مصطلح عام و واسع و سائل.عندما يسمع شخص ما كلمة سائل ، قد يفكر في الكيمياء أو الماء أو المجتمع ولكن هذا ما يعتقده...